At Home Health Care of Head Lice

Health & fitness are an important part of our lives today. We have finally realized that nothing will amount to anything unless we are healthy. We need to understand that Health & fitness are not just about the body! Health is the complete Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual wellbeing!

Determined people are able to find time and ways to indulge in their obsession no matter where they are. Therefore if you are determined that you will follow a regular health & fitness regime, for the sake of having a healthy and fit body, you will be able to manage it even while at work in your office; while traveling; while meeting deadlines or even when on a vacation (Health & fitness do not need a vacation)

There are various ways how you can achieve your goal of having a regular health and fitness regime even while you are at your work. Walking up to your car, cabins, vending machines, canteen, nearest ATM, etc. every little thing you do during the course of the day burns calories! Meditate for a few minutes and do some easy breathing exercises when you take a break from work; rather than going for a smoke! These small things will go a long way in maintaining your health & fitness.

When traveling you can walk around when you are waiting at the airport or the train station. Try to take the stairs rather than the escalator or elevator! Do breathing exercises while waiting or you may do some visualization.

To maintain health & fitness while in office you can burn about 600 calories per day without even realizing, here are some of the ways how you can achieve this -

• Instead of sitting, chose to stand and chat on phone. If you stand continuously for 30 minutes you will burn 58 calories.
• Avoid using lifts and climb stairs for 15 minutes and you will burn about 128 calories. If you take two steps at a time you will not only tone your lower body but will also burn more calories.
• Similarly the downward climbing will strengthen your legs and will burn 33 calories.
• If you are on computer and are working your fingers on key pad and writing for two hours you will burn about 220 calories.
• Attempt 10 desk push ups and you tend to burn 30 more calories.
• Make a habit to visit your colleague in his cabin for a work instead of calling him over a phone, this will give not only give a personal touch, but you will benefit by losing 77 calories.
• Once in a weak or so clean up the mess on your table and burn 30 calories.
• Manage to do heel raises while working at your desk for five minutes and burn 24 calories and also strengthen your calf muscles.
For Health & fitness besides exercises you have a way to go, keep a check on what you eat. Try to grab protein rich food as it gives you a feeling of fullness and you are less likely to binge yourself on that non nutritious and calorie filled canteen food. Try to drink as much water as you can.

You can also plan your weak in such a way so that twice a weak you can have lunch of only fruits and salads, which is full in fiber and helps you in a number of ways to control your calories intake but at the same time gives you enough nutrition that your body needs to carry you through the day ahead. Avoid having carbonated drinks as these are very strong contributors towards unwanted calories since they contain cellulite which is very harmful for Health & fitness.

Now to the other aspect of Health & fitness; make sure that you meditate at least twice a day for 20 minutes! Once early in the morning to give your day a healthy start! Do positive assertion and visualization for 5 minutes at least 3-4 times a day, and practice Breathing Techniques as given on my website. For your spiritual health and fitness make sure you do some good deed without any selfish reason! Just like we used to when we were in school! It will go a long way in helping us maintain our positive self esteem! Pray and love yourself and others.

All the points mentioned above make for a good health and fitness regime.


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