Who Says I Need Home Health Care? I Can Do This Myself

The need for more home health care initiatives is apparent. The carry and counsel initiatives are being tested in many states with a lot of success. America as a whole growing older. This has the unexpected results of more absenteeism and a need to restructure human resources benefits to accommodate the increasing numbers of elder people over the age of 60.  Everyone knows that the baby boomer generation carries with it extreme changes in the demographic of the corporate world. Benefits need to be structured so that human resources can take into account the number of people needing long term health care and medicare/Medicaid benefits in the coming age. The squeeze generation, especially is suffering the brunt of the aging population problem. Along with their parental responsibilities, many single women find themselves being the sole caregiver to their elderly parents. It becomes increasingly difficult for women to maintain careers while juggling the domestic responsibilities of being a parent and a caregiver.

With the government in a slump, it is becoming more difficult for the aging population to get the rights that they deserve. New legislation that has recently been passed helps insurers cut the price of medical care, but who is to defend the aging population against these insurers. People have little say in the type of home health care that they can receive. More legislation needs to be passed to allow families to take responsibility over their funding and be able to pay their family members if necessary, not relying solely on nursing home care and home health agencies. For full service nursing home care, the cost can run to upwards of 60 thousand dollars a year.


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