Home Health Care, In-Home Care and an Aging America

As our population ages we will see more and more folks choosing in-home health care, instead of Old Folks Homes. Of course this does not mean it will be cheap or free by any means. Prices can range from $75.00 to $150.00 per day presently and that could either increase due to supply and demand and nurse shortages or drop due to more companies entering the market.

In fact one company in Arizona has recently franchised this concept and those who would like to provide in-home care can buy a franchised business to do this type of work. With more of our population living longer and having fewer kids to support them in their old age we will see this industry sector increase. Most health care analysts believe that home health care and in-home care will become a multi-hundred billion dollar business very soon and could hit a trillion a year by 2025.

Of course with these high daily costs, you can imagine that this could take quite a bit of money to insure one is able to afford it. Luckily there are insurance companies, which will provide coverage incase you are home ridden in the future. Just be sure to pick a reputable company that will be around later if you sign up for such insurance now. Consider all this in 2006.


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