Dispelling Caregiving Myths on Home Health Care

These days, home health care has almost become synonymous to caregiving. What happens here is that you hire a care professional to help assist your elders as they continue to live in their own home or as you leave them behind at home to go to work.

But for some people, caregiving is nothing but a bad experience. This is why some of them opt to bring their elders into retirement communities even if the latter would rather live with them or continue to live at their respective homes. What is it about caregiving that people have most misconceptions about?

First, there's the issue of negative experience due to abuse. Some people believe that caregivers can end up abusing the elders who might prove to be challenging to work with. This should not really happen if you do your homework before selecting a care provider and if you only get from reputable caregiver agencies.

There's also the issue of children no longer becoming a part of the elders' life. When you hire a caregiver, it's not the latter's role to fill in your shoes. This only happens when you become too complacent to visit your elders from time to time right where they live. Of course what happens is that your parents would spend more time with their caregivers and most likely not remember you especially if they have undiagnosed dementia or Alzheimer's.

Apart from this, some people also become disappointed with caregivers when they don't seem to have all the knowledge with the elder being cared for. This would only happen if you do not give them a plan or schedule ahead of time. You shouldn't expect caregivers to become experts if they do not know the medical history of their client.

Some people also see race and culture as an issue. They simply would not want to have caregiver who may be of western or Asian descent. Some would specifically want a particular nationality to care for their elders. One thing you should know is that these professionals get their training regardless of race and they all know the protocol in handling their clients.

There's also the view that caregivers are expensive. Some do get paid by the hour while some get their salaries on a monthly basis. You can actually alleviate the expenses by having a health insurance and choosing a provider covered by the said insurance.

Caregivers are among the best home health care you can have for your elders. If you just know how to choose your options and have a plan before you contact one, you can be sure that all those myths will be nothing but urban legend.


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