Home Health Care

What Home Health Care Really Means To You And Your Family

Many names can be used interchangeably in regards to home health care. Some of these include: 'Home care', 'in-home care' and of course 'home health care.' Whether the person needs skilled care or not, these terms can be used. In the past, the term 'home care' is considered non-medical care, while 'home health care' is considered to be used when skilled nursing care is needed.

Different wording has been used all around the world. Regardless of the terms used, the main thing to remember is the meaning. It means that you take care of your loved ones in their homes. This is to avoid nursing homes or rehab centers. This care can be given by loved ones or by skilled care providers that are being paid. All types of services are provided when you call in the professionals. Nurses do assessments on the client and give patients any medication that they may need. They may also make improvement to the home, in order to prevent accidents and falls. They are also the communicator between the patient and the Dr. Physical therapists and occupational therapists come into the home and work with the patient to help them gain strength. Aids may come in to do light housekeeping, run errands, laundry, transport patients and do the shopping. They have a wide variety of trained professionals that can help with any thing the client may need. Giving the live-in caregiver a break is also a very important aspect of what they do. They have a whole team available to mean your needs.

Home care can be paid by long-term insurance or by the patience family. Social services may be involved in the care of the client, to help with funding or anything else that is needed by the family. It is important to know your resources and use them accordingly.


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